Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear Janda Baik, hope we will meet again :)



Pada 15 n 16hb Jan 2011, kami berpeluang untuk merasai tempat yang sangat2 kami ingin pergi.. janda baik :)

apa best sangat janda baik ni?

sebenarnya kitorang gi sana bukan untuk melancong pon.. kami ada program la!
sob2.. oleh itu tak dapat la merasai nikmat sepenuhnya janda baik ni~

program yang dibawa oleh sleu ni untuk mengasah bakat sebagai seorang tutor (kononnya!)
hahaha.. however, saya still bukan tutor yang bertauliah.. haha

program selama 2 hari 1 malam ni banyak sangat membuat mata saya buka besar2 ye untuk melihat sifat manusia disekeliling...

seramai 35 peserta yang terlibat (undergraduate+postgraduate) which consist of 80% from foreign student and 20% from malay... and almost from engineering student

badly, because to many power puff brain that these human have, it difficult for us to give our own opinion and idea in the group. besides, because to many student from oversea make us "terabur & gasak aje" speaking and speakong. however, the benefits from this program, we can meet many friend and know other culture.

i meet one friend from kashmir who is a tutor for calculus subject. He's from the genius family. he said that the lowest level of education in his family is Phd. even his grandfather also have Phd. hoho... really superb family right! his father is a Professor of Clinical Nutrition at university around the world (his father always moving 1 place to another). yeah thats true he really genius, but the weakness of him is he like to show off his intelligent brain! seriously his attitude look very weird!

back to the program, this program is not only involve the undergraduate student, but also involve the master student. haha.. seriously the mind of master student not same like us. they like an old fashion mind which always seen that they always right and need to follow all the regulation and rules~ huh not creative at all :(
however, what we really respect about them is they really idealistic..

(to many "is" in this entry haah!)

the best things during this program is the food!

i don't know how the chief cook the food until mee goreng also become delicious to us~

OK! many more things to story..
without picture it might be little bored to read this entry~
sorry, we don't have enough time to snap around during the program...

maybe the picture below can help us to story how excited are we at janda baik :)

in front our chalet..
this chalet for girls only ok!
1 chalet have variety people inside~
thats cool!

this is my team :)
from left, rohimah from vietnam (bachelor of engineering),
beside rohimah which the girl in blue is nazreen, from pakistan (master of finance's student),
and lastly,
the girl on the right with the zebra sweater is izzati @ my roomate,
from sarawak (bachelor of accounting)

hoho... janda baik!
hope we will meet again :)

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